Important Safety Tips for Your Electrical Installations

Electrical installations can be potentially fatal if you fail to take the requisite safety measures when you are handling. A lot of the problems for which you may call up a fully licensed electrician in Gold Coast are actually avoidable. Hazards may result from many sources including faulty installation of the electrical equipment, improper grounding of the electrical installations, poor maintenance of the electrical equipment or simply negligence and improper operation of the electrical installations.

Take care of the cords for appliances

The best way to take measures against potential electrical hazards is by keeping the electrical installations along with the electrical cords away from water. This is one of the most common causes of electrical shocks some of which may be fatal. It is also important to ensure that the electrical cords are in perfect condition. If the cords of the electrical appliances are frayed or worn, then you need to avoid using the electrical equipment until these have been repaired by a fully licensed electrician in Gold Coast.

If you have decided to dispose of faulty electrical equipment, you need to ensure that this will not be used by someone else who may not have knowledge of the electrical faults in the appliances. When you are disconnecting an electrical appliance from the socket or main supplies, do this by pulling the plug and not the cord.  Pulling the plug will extend the life of your electrical appliances.

Avoid the piggy-back connections

A lot of people like using the double adapter or piggy-back connections but these have their risks. Connections of too many cords can result in overloading which may cause electrical faults.  It is also important to work with the power boards that have in-built safety devices. These will prevent the power outlet overloads when you are using the appliances.

Ensure the outlets are childproof

If you live with kids, then it is important to use electrical outlets that are child proof in order to prevent accidents in the home. Children like poking at things and they might just poke into a live wire or an electrical outlet that is still on.

Hire a fully licensed electrician in Gold Coast to carry out the wiring

When it comes to carrying out the wiring in your home, it is important to hire electricians who are licensed and qualified. It is important to do this even where it involves minor electrical wiring jobs.

Carry out installation of the electrical safety switches

The safety switches should always be installed at the meter box in the home. You should make it a general rule that the electronic devices are only used when they are safely connected to a safety switch. Once the safety switches have been installed in your premises, ensure that they are properly tested by a fully licensed electrician in Gold Coast.

It is always recommended that these switches be tested every three months to ensure their reliability.

Check the overhead lines

Check the overhead lines and avoid coming into contact with these wires at all costs. If you are doing some work close to the overhead lines, it is always important to keep a safe distance.  This is an important safety measure if you are carrying out tasks such as the installation of antennas, pruning or picking fruits from trees.

In the same vein, it is important to watch out for the underground lines when you are planning to dig your property. It is important to have a clear idea on where these lines run. For more help with your electrical installations, contact a professional and a fully licensed electrician in Gold Coast.

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